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Example of. Multiple Regression. A research chemist wants to understand how several predictors are associated with the wrinkle resistance of cotton cloth. The chemist examines 32 pieces of cotton cellulose produced at different settings of curing time, curing temperature, formaldehyde concentration, and catalyst ratio 2 from the regression model and the Total mean square is the sample variance of the response ( sY 2 2 is a good estimate if all the regression coefficients are 0). For this example, Adjusted R-squared = 1 - 0.65^2/ 1.034 = 0.59. Intercept: the intercept in a multiple regression model is the mean for the response whe For example, the best five-predictor model will always have an R 2 that is at least as high the best four-predictor model. Therefore, R 2 is most useful when you compare models of the same size. R-sq (adj) Use adjusted R 2 when you want to compare models that have different numbers of predictors

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  1. For example, we can use multiple regression to assess the relationship between the number of dengue cases in Malaysia with factors, such as urbanization, rainfall, temperature, age group of population and incidence by states. OR, the relationship between salaries of employees and their years of experience and the level of education in the Ministry of Health..!
  2. Multiple Linear Regression So far, we have seen the concept of simple linear regression where a single predictor variable X was used to model the response variable Y. In many applications, there is more than one factor that influences the response. Multiple regression models thus describe how a single response variable Y depends linearly on a number of predictor variables. Examples: • The.
  3. Example of Multiple Linear Regression in Python In the following example, we will use multiple linear regression to predict the stock index price (i.e., the dependent variable) of a fictitious economy by using 2 independent/input variables
  4. Multiple Regression - Example A scientist wants to know if and how health care costs can be predicted from several patient characteristics. All data are in health-costs.sav as shown below. The dependent variable is health care costs (in US dollars) declared over 2020 or costs for short
  5. Such models are commonly referred to as multivariate regression models. Now let's look at the real-time examples where multiple regression model fits. For example, a house's selling price will depend on the location's desirability, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, year of construction, and a number of other factors

Presenting the Results of a Multiple Regression Analysis Example 1 Suppose that we have developed a model for predicting graduate students' Grade Point Average. We had data from 30 graduate students on the following variables: GPA (graduate grade point average), GREQ (score on the quantitative section of the Graduate Record Exam, a commonl The regression mean squares is calculated by regression SS / regression df. In this example, regression MS = 546.53308 / 2 = 273.2665. The residual mean squares is calculated by residual SS / residual df. In this example, residual MS = 483.1335 / 9 = 53.68151

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For example, you could use multiple regression to understand whether exam performance can be predicted based on revision time, test anxiety, lecture attendance and gender. Alternately, you could use multiple regression to understand whether daily cigarette consumption can be predicted based on smoking duration, age when started smoking, smoker type, income and gender In a frequently used example, when you do Multiple Regression Analysis with people's heights as the Objective Variable and the lengths of right and left legs as Explanatory Variables, you'll get a funny result like this: the left legs' coefficient is minus, which means that the longer it becomes, the lower the height becomes 0:07 - Linear Relationships3:05 - Multicolinearity5:58 - Homoscedasticity8:39 - Independent Observations9:52 - Forced Entry Regression16:23 - Hierarchical Re..

Ziel der multiplen linearen Regression. Eine multiple lineare Regression einfach erklärt: sie hat das Ziel eine abhängige Variable (y) mittels mehrerer unabhängiger Variablen (x) zu erklären. Es ist ein quantitatives Verfahren, das zur Prognose einer Variable dient, wie das Beispiel in diesem Artikel zeigt Multiple regression is an extension of linear regression into relationship between more than two variables. In simple linear relation we have one predictor and one response variable, but in multiple regression we have more than one predictor variable and one response variable. The general mathematical equation for multiple regression is 1.4 Multiple Regression . Now, let's look at an example of multiple regression, in which we have one outcome (dependent) variable and multiple predictors. For this multiple regression example, we will regress the dependent variable, api00, on all of the predictor variables in the data set Assumptions of Multiple Regression This tutorial should be looked at in conjunction with the previous tutorial on Multiple Regression. Please access that tutorial now, if you havent already. When running a Multiple Regression, there are several assumptions that you need to check your data meet, in order for your analysis to be reliable and valid. This tutorial will talk you though these. Interpretation. The first step in interpreting the multiple regression analysis is to examine the F-statistic and the associated p-value, at the bottom of model summary. In our example, it can be seen that p-value of the F-statistic is . 2.2e-16, which is highly significant. This means that, at least, one of the predictor variables is.

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Multiple Linear Regression: It's a form of linear regression that is used when there are two or more predictors. We w i ll see how multiple input variables together influence the output variable, while also learning how the calculations differ from that of Simple LR model. We will also build a regression model using Python. At last, we will go deeper into Linear Regression and will learn. Multiple regression is of two types, linear and non-linear regression. Multiple Regression Formula. The multiple regression with three predictor variables (x) predicting variable y is expressed as the following equation: y = z0 + z1*x1 + z2*x2 + z3*x3. The z values represent the regression weights and are the beta coefficients. They are. This video demonstrates how to interpret multiple regression output in SPSS. This example includes two predictor variables and one outcome variable. Unstanda... This example includes two predictor. Mit der multiplen linearen Regression (auch kurz einfach: multiple Regression) kannst du die Werte einer abhängigen Variablen mit Hilfe mehrerer unabhängiger Variablen vorhersagen. Während du bei der einfachen linearen Regression nur einen Prädiktor betrachtest, verwendest du bei der multiplen linearen Regression also mehrere Prädiktoren , um das Kriterium zu schätzen

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  1. Hence, even though the Multiple Regression model shows no impact on sales by the newspaper, the Simple Regression model still does due to this multicollinearity and the absence of other input variables. Sales & Radio → probable causation. Newspaper & Radio → multicollinearity. Sales & Newspaper → transitive correlation. Alright! We understood Linear Regression, we built the model and even interpreted the results. What we learned so far were the fundamentals of Linear Regression.
  2. Multiple Lineare Regression Multiple lineare Regression: Regressionskoeffizienten interpretieren. Im letzten Schritt interpretieren wir noch die Regressionskoeffizienten. Sie finden sich in der Ausgabe von SPSS in der Tabelle Koeffizienten. Regressionsgleichung. Aus den Regressionskoeffizienten können wir die Regressionsgleichung aufstellen. Die Regression erlaubt es uns, ein Modell.
  3. Eine multiple lineare Regression einfach erklärt: sie hat das Ziel eine abhängige Variable (y) mittels mehrerer unabhängiger Variablen (x) zu erklären. Es ist ein quantitatives Verfahren, das zur Prognose einer Variable dient, wie das Beispiel in diesem Artikel zeigt. Die multiple Regression testet auf Zusammenhänge zwischen x und y
  4. Second, multiple regression is an extraordinarily versatile calculation, underly-ing many widely used Statistics methods. A sound understanding of the multiple regression model will help you to understand these other applications. Third, multiple regression offers our first glimpse into statistical models that use more than two quantitative variables. The real world is complex. Simple mod
  5. The R-Squared (in Microsoft Excel) or Multiple R-Squared (in R) indicates how well the model or regression line fits the data. It indicates the proportion of variance in the dependent variable (Y) that is explained by the independent variable (X). We know a variable could be impacted by one or more factors
  6. The Multiple Linear Regression Model: Interpretation of Coe cients I Recall Example 3. In the model Y = 0 + 1X 1 + 2 + , where X 1 is the number of bedrooms, and X 2 is the number of bathrooms 1 is the increase in housing prices, on average, for an additional bedroom while holding the number of bathroom
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Multiple R-squared: 0.8973, Adjusted R-squared: 0.893. Die Güte des Modells der gerechneten Regression wird anhand des Bestimmtheitsmaßes R-Quadrat (R²) abgelesen. Das R² (Multiple R-Squared) ist standardmäßig zwischen 0 und 1 definiert. R² gibt an, wie viel Prozent der Varianz der abhängigen Variable (hier: Gewicht) erklärt werden. According to this model, if we increase Temp by 1 degree C, then Impurity increases by an average of around 0.8%, regardless of the values of Catalyst Conc and Reaction Time.The presence of Catalyst Conc and Reaction Time in the model does not change this interpretation. Likewise, if we increase Catalyst Conc by 1 unit, Impurity increases by around 2.1% on average, regardless of the values of.

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  1. Das multiple R ist die Quadratwurzel des R-Quadrats (siehe unten). In diesem Beispiel beträgt Multiple R 0,72855, was auf eine ziemlich starke lineare Beziehung zwischen den Prädiktoren hours studied und den prep exams und der Antwortvariablen final exam score hinweist. R-Quadra
  2. Multiple regression analysis can be used to assess effect modification. This is done by estimating a multiple regression equation relating the outcome of interest (Y) to independent variables representing the treatment assignment, sex and the product of the two (called the treatment by sex interaction variable).For the analysis, we let T = the treatment assignment (1=new drug and 0=placebo), M.
  3. Graphic Representation of Multiple Regression with Two Predictors The example above demonstrates how multiple regression is used to predict a criterion using two predictors. To get a better feel for the graphic representation that underlies multiple regression, the exercise below allows you to explore a 3-dimensional scatterplot. A researcher is interested in the relationship between Verbal Aptitude (Verbal_Apt), Student Motivation, and Reading ability. All variables are measured on a scale.
  4. R.Niketta Multiple Regressionsanalyse Kommentierter SPSS-Output für die multiple Regressionsanalyse (SPSS-Version 17) Daten: Selbstdarstellung und Kontaktsuche in studi.VZ (POK VIII, AG 3) Fragestellung: Inwieweit wird das Motiv der Kontaktsuche über studi.VZ (F29_SUCH) durch folgende Prädiktoren beeinflusst: sehr wichtig) (V14_FOTO) − Aspekte der Offenheit in der Selbstdarstellung.
  5. multiple Regression 2. Korrelation, lineare Regression und multiple Regression 2.1 Korrelation 2.2 Lineare Regression 2.3 Multiple lineare Regression 2.4 Nichtlineare Zusammenh ange 2.4 Beispiel: Korrelationskoe zient f ur die Daten aus Beispiel 2.1 I Variablen x: Leistungsstreben y: Motivation I Korrelationskoe zient von Pearson ˆ^ x;y = 0:5592 I Fragen
  6. Multiple Linear Regression Example. Problem Statement . Mileage of used cars is often thought of as a good predictor of sale prices of used cars. Does this same conjecture hold for so called luxury cars: Porches, Jaguars, and BMWs? More precisely, do the slopes and intercepts differ when comparing mileage and price for these three brands of cars? To answer this question, data was.

Multiple logistic regression analysis can also be used to examine the impact of multiple risk factors (as opposed to focusing on a single risk factor) on a dichotomous outcome. Example - Risk Factors Associated With Low Infant Birth Weigh Most of these regression examples include the datasets so you can try it yourself! Also, try using Excel to perform regression analysis with a step-by-step example! Linear regression with a double-log transformation: Models the relationship between mammal mass and metabolic rate using a fitted line plot Interpreting coefficients in multiple regression with the same language used for a slope in simple linear regression. Even when there is an exact linear dependence of one variable on two others, the interpretation of coefficients is not as simple as for a slope with one dependent variable. Example: If y = 1 + 2x 1 + 3x 2, it is not accurate to say For each change of 1 unit in x 1, y changes 2. REGRESSION ANALYSIS July 2014 updated Prepared by Michael Ling Page 2 PROBLEM Create a multiple regression model to predict the level of daily ice-cream sales Mr Whippy can ex pect to make, given the daily temperature and humidity. Using the base model (50 marks): • What is the regression model and regression equation? • What interpretation do you make of the findings? • Is the. A multiple linear regression was calculated to predict [DV] based on their [IV1] and [IV2]. You have been asked to investigate the degree to which height and sex predicts weight. 14. A multiple linear regression was calculated to predict weight based on their [IV1] and [IV2]

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Similarly to how we minimized the sum of squared errors to find B in the linear regression example, we minimize the sum of squared errors to find all of the B terms in multiple regression.The difference here is that since there are multiple terms, and an unspecified number of terms until you create the model, there isn't a simple algebraic solution to find the A and B terms Output-Interpretation einer multiplen linearen Regression mit STATA (deutsch). Der Output einer Regression enthält den F-Wert, das R-Quadrat und weitere Kennzahlen In Exponential Regression and Power Regression we reviewed four types of log transformation for regression models with one independent variable. We now briefly examine the multiple regression counterparts to these four types of log transformations: Level-level regression is the normal multiple regression we have studied in Least Squares for Multiple Regression and Multiple Regression Analysis Examples of multivariate regression Example 1. A researcher has collected data on three psychological variables, four academic variables (standardized test scores), and the type of educational program the student is in for 600 high school students

Interpretation. The first step in interpreting the multiple regression analysis is to examine the F-statistic and the associated p-value, at the bottom of model summary. In our example, it can be seen that p-value of the F-statistic is . 2.2e-16, which is highly significant. This means that, at least, one of the predictor variables is significantly related to the outcome variable Assumptions for regression All the assumptions for simple regression (with one independent variable) also apply for multiple regression with one addition. If two of the independent variables are highly related, this leads to a problem called multicollinearity. This causes problems with the analysis and interpretation. To investigate possible. An example of how useful Multiple Regression Analysis could be can be seen in determining the compensation of an employee. Following the Y and X components of this specific operation, the dependent variable (Y) is the salary while independent variables (X) may include: scope of responsibility, work experience, seniority, and education, among others Testing and Interpreting Interactions in Regression - In a Nutshell The principles given here always apply when interpreting the coefficients in a multiple regression analysis containing interactions. However, given these principles, the meaning of the coefficients for categorical variables varies according to the method used to code the categorical variables. The method assumed here is. Interpretation of coefficients in multiple regression page 13 The interpretations are more complicated than in a simple regression. Also, we need to think about interpretations after logarithms have been used. Pathologies in interpreting regression coefficients page 15 Just when you thought you knew what regression coefficients meant . . .

As we saw in our example above, an OR of 2.0 indicates the same relative ratio as an OR of 0.50, an OR of 3.0 indicates the same relative ratio as an OR of 0.33, an OR of 4.0 indicates the same relative ratio as an OR of 0.25 and so on Multiple linear regression (MLR), also known simply as multiple regression, is a statistical technique that uses several explanatory variables to predict the outcome of a response variable...

The regression output example below shows that the South and North predictor variables are statistically significant because their p-values equal 0.000. On the other hand, East is not statistically significant because its p-value (0.092) is greater than the usual significance level of 0.05 This was a simple linear regression example for a positive relationship in business. Let's see an example of the negative relationship. Example 2: You have to examine the relationship between the age and price for used cars sold in the last year by a car dealership company. Here is the table of the data Regression analysis includes several variations, such as linear, multiple linear, and nonlinear. The most common models are simple linear and multiple linear. Nonlinear regression analysis is commonly used for more complicated data sets in which the dependent and independent variables show a nonlinear relationship Running a basic multiple regression analysis in SPSS is simple. For a thorough analysis, however, we want to make sure we satisfy the main assumptions, which are. linearity: each predictor has a linear relation with our outcome variable; normality: the prediction errors are normally distributed in the population; homoscedasticity: the variance of.

8 Steps to Multiple Regression Analysis. Following is a list of 7 steps that could be used to perform multiple regression analysis. Identify a list of potential variables/features; Both independent (predictor) and dependent (response) Gather data on the variables; Check the relationship between each predictor variable and the response variable. Multiple linear regression is the most common form of the regression analysis. As a predictive analysis, multiple linear regression is used to describe data and to explain the relationship between one dependent variable and two or more independent variables. At the center of the multiple linear regression analysis lies the task of fitting a.

Multiple Regression Introduction Multiple Regression Analysis refers to a set of techniques for studying the straight-line relationships among two or more variables. Multiple regression estimates the β's in the equation y =β 0 +β 1 x 1j +βx 2j + +β p x pj +ε j The X's are the independent variables (IV's). Y is the dependent variable In this tutorial, I'll show you an example of multiple linear regression in R. Here are the topics to be reviewed: Collecting the data; Capturing the data in R; Checking for linearity; Applying the multiple linear regression model; Making a prediction; Steps to apply the multiple linear regression in R Step 1: Collect the data. So let's start with a simple example where the goal is to. The final pieces of information that Prism provides from multiple logistic regression are given in the form of a data summary that includes the number of rows in the data table, the number of rows that were skipped, and the difference of these two values providing the number of observations in the analysis. Note that in our data set, we have 1314 rows in the table (1315 if you added the example for interpolation), but only 1313 rows analyzed. This difference is due to the fact that the. Interactions Between Continuous Predictors in Multiple Regression 9 What Interactions Signify in Regression 9 Data Set for Numerical Examples 10 Probing Significant Interactions in Regression Equations 12 Plol/ing the Interaction 12 Post Hoc Probing 14 Ordinaf Versus Disordinal Interactions 22 Optional Section: The Derivation 0/Standard Errors 0/Simple Slopes 24 Summary 27 3. The Effects of. The next table shows the multiple linear regression estimates including the intercept and the significance levels. In our stepwise multiple linear regression analysis, we find a non-significant intercept but highly significant vehicle theft coefficient, which we can interpret as: for every 1-unit increase in vehicle thefts per 100,000 inhabitants, we will see .014 additional murders per 100,000

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EXCEL 2007: Multiple Regression A. Colin Cameron, Dept. of Economics, Univ. of Calif. - Davis; This January 2009 help sheet gives information on; Multiple regression using the Data Analysis Add-in. Interpreting the regression statistic. Interpreting the ANOVA table (often this is skipped). Interpreting the regression coefficients table Multiple Regression - Basic Introduction Multiple Regression Analysis refers to a set of techniques for studying the straight-line relationships among two or more variables. Multiple regression estimates the β's in the equation y =β 0 +β 1 x 1j +β 2 x 2 j + +β p x pj +ε j The X's are the independent variables (IV's). Y is the. Detailed tutorial on Beginners Guide to Regression Analysis and Plot Interpretations to improve your understanding of Machine Learning. Also try practice problems to test & improve your skill level


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Mediatoranalyse bei multipler Regression - Teil 1: Die Grundlagen und das Schema von Baron&Kenny Arndt Regorz, Dipl. Kfm. & BSc. Psychologie, Stand: 18.01.2020 Die Suche nach Mediatoren ist in der Forschungspraxis eines der häufigsten Einsatzgebiete der multiplen Regression. Und es ist auch ein häufiges Thema für empirische Bachelorarbeiten oder Masterarbeiten RCB 49:4 pp. 223-233 (2006) 223. Analysis and Interpret ation of Findings. Using Multiple Regression T ec hniques. Multiple regression and correlation (MRC) methods form a flexible family of. Example of Binary Logistic Regression there is advice on interpretation towards the end - you may want to specify your low to high variable as a categorical predictor Cit 144 in the casebook for similar examples). The slope for Seating is evidently not so affected by the collinearity. Statistics 621 Multiple Regression Practice Questions Robert Stine 5 (7) The plot of the model's residuals on fitted values suggests that the variation of the residuals in increasing with the predicted price. The data lack constant variation. Thus, the nominal RMSE is a. The multiple regression model fitting process takes such data and estimates the regression coefficients (E 0, E 1 and 2) that yield the plane that has best fit amongst all planes. Model assumptions The assumptions build on those of simple linear regression: Ratio of cases to explanatory variables. Invariably this relates to research design. The minimum requirement is to have at least five.

Multiple linear regression can be used when we wish to examine how a collection of explanatory variables (both quantitative and categorical) helps us to predict a quantitative response variable of interest. Example 1: Now let's suppose we are interested in how the dosage (in mg) of a particular drug relates to post-treatment depression scores among individuals who were diagnosed with. 3.4 Interpretation of MLR coefficient! $ 1 is the expected change in Y when X 1 increases one unit and X 2 remains fixed; or! $ 1 is the difference between average Ys for two populations that differ in X 1 by one unit and have the same X 2! Example of a regression equation Y = $ 0 + $ 1 (Age - 40) + $ 2 Gender + , Salary = 50 + 1 (Age - 40) - 3 Gender + For example, you could use multiple regression to determine if exam anxiety can be predicted based on coursework mark, revision time, lecture attendance and IQ score (i.e., the dependent variable would be exam anxiety, and the four independent variables would be coursework mark, revision time, lecture attendance and IQ score)

Multiple Regression Analysis in Business: Uses & Examples Instructor: Scott Tuning Show bio Scott has been a faculty member in higher education for over 10 years Linear regression is one of the most popular statistical techniques. Despite its popularity, interpretation of the regression coefficients of any but the simplest models is sometimes, well.difficult. So let's interpret the coefficients of a continuous and a categorical variable. Although the example here is a linear regression model, the approach works for interpreting coefficients from [ For example, when we have two predictors, the least squares regression line becomes a plane, with two estimated slope coefficients. The coefficients are estimated to find the minimum sum of squared deviations between the plane and the observations Multiple regressions can be run with most stats packages. Running a regression is simple, all you need is a table with each variable in a separate column and each row representing an individual data point. For example, if you were to run a multiple regression for the Fama- French 3-Factor Model, you would prepare a data set of stocks. Each row would be a stock, and the columns would be its excess return, market risk premium, size effect, and value premium

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Regression Analysis | Chapter 3 | Multiple Linear Regression Model | Shalabh, IIT Kanpur 6 In case, X is not of full rank, then (')'(')'bXXXy I XXXX where ( ' )XX is the generalized inverse of 'XX and is an arbitrary vector. The generalized inverse (')XX of XX' satisfies '(') ' ' (') ' '(') ' In any multiple regression situation, the model R2is adjusted/corrected for the upward bias in the estimate due to capitalisation on chance as a result of the number of predictors in an equation. The correction formula and a worked example is The confidence interval for a regression coefficient in multiple regression is calculated and interpreted the same way as it is in simple linear regression. The t-statistic has n - k - 1 degrees of freedom where k = number of independents Supposing that an interval contains the true value of βj β j with a probability of 95%

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Understand how to interpret moderated multiple regression Learn to generate predicted values for interaction using Excel Learn to run simple slopes tests in SPSS Learn how to test higher-order interactions When research in an area is just beginning, attention is usually devoted to determining whether there is a simple relationship between X and Y (e.g., playing violent video games and engaging. regression involves two or more main dependent variables and is less commonly used. With multiple logistic regression the aim is to determine how one dichotomous dependent variable varies according to two or more independent (quantitative or cate - gor ical) variables. Multiple logistic regress - ion might, for example, be used to test the relationships of weekly alcoho The Multiple Regression analysis gives us one plot for each independent variable versus the residuals. We can use these plots to evaluate if our sample data fit the variance's assumptions for linearity and homogeneity. Homogeneity means that the plot should exhibit a random pattern and have a constant vertical spread Example of a cubic polynomial regression, which is a type of linear regression. Although polynomial regression fits a nonlinear model to the data, as a statistical estimation problem it is linear, in the sense that the regression function E(y | x) is linear in the unknown parameters that are estimated from the data.For this reason, polynomial regression is considered to be a special case of. Let's look at the top table. See 'R Square'. This number is exactly the same as the 'Coefficient of Determination' in the Scatter Plot. This is between 0 to 1 and indicates how well the Regression Equation calculates the Objective Variable. Closer to 1 is better. 'Multiple R' is the 'Correlation Coefficient'. You know that squaring it, will be the same as the 'R Square'

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Multiple Regression & Correlation Example. Motivation: Oftentimes, it may not be realistic to conclude that only one factor or IV influences the behavior of the DV. In such situations, a researcher needs to carefully identify those other possible factors and explicitly include them in the Linear Regression Model (LRM) The objective of this study is to comprehend and demonstrate the in-depth interpretation of basic multiple regression outputs simulating an example from social science sector. In this paper we. Linear Regression vs. Multiple Regression: Example . Consider an analyst who wishes to establish a linear relationship between the daily change in a company's stock prices and other explanatory. For example, with seven variables and four lags, each matrix of coefficients for a given lag length is 7 by 7, and the vector of constants has 7 elements, so a total of 49×4 + 7 = 203 parameters are estimated, substantially lowering the degrees of freedom of the regression (the number of data points minus the number of parameters to be estimated). This can hurt the accuracy of the parameter. Bivarate linear regression model (that can be visualized in 2D space) is a simplification of eq (1). Bivariate model has the following structure: (2) y = β 1 x 1 + β 0. A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's try to understand the properties of multiple linear regression models with visualizations

PPT - Chapter 12: Multiple Regression and Model Buildinginterpretation - Help Interpreting Residuals vs Fit GraphMultiple Linear Regression

Multiple logistic regression analysis is used to estimate the relative risk in case control studies. The estimators obtained are valid when disease is rare. In this paper an estimator of relative. Once the regression equation is standardized, then the partial effect of a given X upon Y, or Z. x upon Zy, becomes somewhat easier to interpret because interpretation is in sd units for all predictors. For the current example, as discussed above, the standardized solution is: Z'y = P1ZX1 + P1ZX1 = 0.400(ZX1) + 0.677(ZX1 Input the dependent (Y) data by first placing the cursor in the Input Y-Range field, then highlighting the column of data in the workbook. The independent variables are entered by first placing the cursor in the Input X-Range field, then highlighting multiple columns in the workbook (e.g. $C$1:$E$53)

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